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For people who want more from their lives and from themselves



Identify the impact you want to have. Set goals and objectives to make it happen. 



Rediscover the qualities and strengths that make you unique and amazing. 


Start controlling your perspective.

Realize you have choices. 


"I can honestly say that working with Taylor was life changing for me. When I first came to him I was struggling to figure out the next steps in my career. I’d lost my way and had forgotten my value and strengths. Through a series of thoughtful, insightful and very productive sessions I was able to reconnect with what drives me, what makes me happy and  embrace what makes me special. It’s not always comfortable to face the lies the we tell ourselves but Taylor's empathy, professionalism and insight helped me realize my worth. I’m happy to say that for me, not only did I make a very positive career change as a result of this coaching but I got back in touch with myself." 
~ Jessica 

"Taylor is a supportive and thoughtful coach who listens and challenges his clients. This combination led me to new perspectives, decision-making and developed my confidence. I really enjoyed having Taylor as my coach." ~ Karen

"Taylor will help you calmly and confidently support you in any direction you want to take."
~ Gretchen

Countryside Road

"If you are always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be."
Maya Angelou

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